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NextDoorHelp is the first geo-localized item-sharing service.
The sharing against the crisis and the waste!

By NDH you can help reduce waste

sharing you will be
a Helper

requiring the shares you will be a Finder

Become a Helper!
All of us have something at home that we no longer use or some food that is about to expire ...
Do not waste! a Finder around you might need it!

Stop the waste!

We live in a time of global crisis but the waste still reaches embarrassing numbers!
NDH is against waste!

Sharing is the solution

Make your sharing publishing a geolocated will become the best Helper in your area!

Less waste, more friends!

Sharing will fight waste, give a hand to who need it and you can make new friendships!

Become a Finder!
Search easily and quickly what has been shared by Helpers ... and make your contribution against waste!


By our geolocated search engine, it will be a piece of cake to find what you need!

Contact a Helper

Did you find something that can help you with? Contact the Helper through our messaging system to schedule an appointment!

It's done!

Once you have scheduled an appointment you will meet The Helper ... you will give your contribution against waste!

What are you waiting for?

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